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I am happy it’s Friday that’s for sure! I have been getting up so early this week I can’t stand it! It will be nice to get up early on Saturday knowing I can go back to bed!

I love Fridays and I LOVE our save the dates!


In my opinion they turned out great! I could not have done this without my sweet friend Lynny and her sister Darcey! They are both so inspiring and I miss that we all don’t live in the same state anymore. The portrait is the front of the card and on the back is the laid out text. The business card size hotel information is perfect for my guests to slip in their wallet when they are traveling. Then they always have the number of their hotel!

I mailed them out in a black envelope with the Celebrate stamp!


Cheers to our save the dates being done! Now on to the next project!

Happy Friday!


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I have always thought that the United States Post Office needed more “cool, design friendly” stamps than what they usually have. Luckily right now they have these awesome stamps dedicated to Charles and Ray Eames for their “groundbreaking contributions to architecture, furniture, design, manufacturing and photographic arts”.


I am not ready to send my invitations right now! I am not even ready to send my save the dates! So now what? Do I have to use the grand ‘ol flag? On some sites the stamps below are available (but they are worth .41)!


I like the sunflower, even though it does not match my color scheme, it is appropriate for the time of year – summer!


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Today Jessica and Pier (friends of mine) will have been married for 2 years! I came across this Save The Date that I designed, but never used. I can not jog my memory as to why we didn’t use it! Bummer!

I created a timeline of The History of Jessica and Pier. They went to high school together and reconnected in their later years. This card tells their story!



I love timelines, family trees, any history that tells a story about a couple or family. I am working on a timeline sort of project right now. I can’ tell you who I am making it for, it’s a secret!

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When Lauren (my sister) and Andrew got engaged, of course I was psyched to do the invitations! It meant total creative freedom (designer’s dream) because my sister did not inherit the creative gene (sorry Lauren, you’re getting better). Lauren wanted a simple, informal save the date card. So I designed a simple, informal, fun save the date postcard.

TIP: Postcards save on postage and save your lips from being chapped with all that envelope licking.









Here’s another postcard STD for friends Kathryn and Dinari. Kathryn wanted the leaf to be the “theme” of the wedding. I stamped each postcard with a shimmery gold ink. The greatest part about it is if I made a small mistake or smudge, it made the cards look better! I still tried not to smudge (I am a bit of a perfectionist)

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I completely forgot about this Save the Date until I was looking through some old folders on my computer.  This is one of my favorites.  Sarah and Whit celebrate 2 years in September 2007. They just had a baby in February: August Royal Youngstrom!
















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