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Friday is here! Yeah! Bill and I leave for Los Angeles in 2 days!!!! I am soooo excited (can you tell)?

I love Fridays and I love Paperwink!

Now, I realize I have already done a TGIF for Paperwink, but they have a new and improved website with scads of more goods! The best “new” item are the rubber stamps. These are my top four favs:

stamp_cinderella_big1 stat_stamp_antique_big1 stat_stamp_curly_big1 stat_stamp_fresh_big1

They are the perfect finishing touch for your stationery – not to mention a great gift! Newlyweds would LOVE getting this for all those thank you cards that have to be sent out!

My second favorite “new” item are the super cute colorful custom labels! My top four designs are:

stat_lbl_slant_big1  stat_lbl_sunburst_big11 

stat_lbl_victorian_big1 stat_lbl_airmail_big12

The colors and designs of the labels make me want to buy all of them and send everyone I know a letter!

Lastly (I could go on and on but I do have to get back to work) I love the Homespun Invitation!


The most amazing detail about this invite is the perforations that allow your guest to tear off the response card and directions! How cool and original is that?


I am hoping to visit the Paperwink studio when I am in sunny so cal next week! Darcey and Tara your work is truly unique and beautiful!

Cheers to you lovely ladies and cheer to Paperwink!


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DIY luggage tags

I am ready to get the hell out of Rochester and head to sunny southern California! Why you ask?

#1 – I am ready for a vacation

#2 – This is the current Rochester weather:


I took this picture around 2 pm. The snow was falling exactly like it would in a snowglobe. Big, FAT, fluffy flakes. It was beautiful – but coooold!

As I am getting ready to head west I noticed that Bill and I need luggage tags (I am not even going to begin to tell the story of what happen at the airport last time)! I didn’t want to buy tags because they wouldn’t match our luggage, and are usually hideous. I came up with the idea of making my own.

I constructed a 2 sided business card layering some cool paper and using labels to print my name, address and phone number. I then headed over to Kinkos where they have luggage tag lamination sheets. All you have to do is put your handmade card in the sheet and run it through the laminator!


Each lamination sheet is $1.50 and the tie is $.50. You can’t go wrong with that! Hopefully my nifty tag will save my luggage in case it ever got lost (knock on wood)!

Happy Thursday!

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Where did the tradition of wedding favors come from? A little online research led me to this:

“The custom of wedding favors has been around since Elizabethan England, when Queen Elizabeth I began the tradition of using ribbons to symbolize the bond of marriage. Ribbons would be used as wedding favors; for royal weddings, gold or silver ribbons would be chosen and for all other weddings, blue and white ribbons would be given as favors”.

I am a firm believer in functional, practical favors for my guests. What is someone going to do with one votive candle, or one shot glass with the bride and grooms initials and wedding date? I know that sounds a little harsh, but I think it’s true.

Favors are your gift to your friends and family that come to the wedding. Why disappoint?

Now, I am not saying my favors are going to be the best – but who can’t use a set of salt and pepper shakers?


I got these cute shakers at Beau-coup! Beau-coup even has a favor category titled “Practical Favors” (so I am not the only one with the belief in practicality)! You can find wine openers, luggage tags, and even small martini shakers! Who wouldn’t love a one cocktail martini shaker?

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I have always thought that the United States Post Office needed more “cool, design friendly” stamps than what they usually have. Luckily right now they have these awesome stamps dedicated to Charles and Ray Eames for their “groundbreaking contributions to architecture, furniture, design, manufacturing and photographic arts”.


I am not ready to send my invitations right now! I am not even ready to send my save the dates! So now what? Do I have to use the grand ‘ol flag? On some sites the stamps below are available (but they are worth .41)!


I like the sunflower, even though it does not match my color scheme, it is appropriate for the time of year – summer!


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DIY fabric photobooth

I love this idea! I was inspired by my gal pal Ricci at her wedding! (I will post her photo booth pics as soon as I get them)!


I originally wanted a real photo booth at my wedding but the cost threw that idea right out the window – not to mention that the look of an actual photo booth is pretty drab. This is a much better solution!

21 783771


Two ways you can create this look:

1. Draping fabric from heavy yarn (or strin) that is tied between two trees (see above)

2. Staple gun the fabric to the side of something (house, barn etc). Where we are getting married has a carriage house and I plan on stapling the fabric on the side of the house.

Here is the fabric we are using for our photo booth:


Fun huh?

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Holiday gifts 2008

I have decided to take a break from all things wedding and move to a more important subject: holiday gifts!

I am VERY organized when it comes to holiday time (shocker). I feel it is less stressful on myself (and my wallet) if I continually buy from the end of October to Christmas. This season, I am doing more handmade gifts too. Who doesn’t love a handmade gift? Here are some of my gift suggestions:

For the new homeowner:

The MacBeth Collection – This website has great tin containers, tubs, totes and trays that you can customize with hundreds of colorful patterns! It’s easy, you pick the container you like, pick the pattern you like, and voila! Here are a few of the containers:


A few of the patterns from the design collection:




For the person who has everything:

The Week – Each week The Week editors comb the world’s best publications for you – unearthing, condensing, and refining the most important news, opinion, and analysis – all to give you hours of news in just minutes of reading.


For the world traveler:

The Jack Georges Milano Collection passport covers. Gosh – I wish I was more of an international traveler! milano_3707_passport_cover1


If anyone has any gift ideas – I would love to hear from you! I am going to keep updating holiday gift ideas until Christmas!

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Dahlias Dahlias Dahlias

I just love them! They are so unique with their vibrant colors and petal design! Bill and I had to change our wedding date (no biggie – all is good) and it works out nicely because dahlias are in bloom in August!


I will be posting more regularly from now on! The past few weeks have been a bit hectic!

P.S. The NEW date is August 8, 2009!

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