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My Mom and I could not wait to design my sister’s wedding invitations. We also (more my Mom) could not wait for the assembly of the invitation to be over. Because it was Lauren getting married, I HAD to do something out of the box (but actually we ended up creating within a box). Lauren and Andrew’s colors were blue, cream, khaki and brown. I designed this:

Instead of mailing out the invitations in envelopes, we bought (Mom bought) great stationery boxes from the Paper Source. I wanted each guest to receive a little, fun package to open.



Each invitation fit perfectly in the box. Underneath lay the weekend events, hotel details and response cards. We (Mom) also tied a small white golf pencil in each package for the guest to fill out their response! My sweet, wonderful and amazing mother also hand stamped all 200 invitations, 200 events cards, and 200 hotel cards as well as tied 200 small golf pencils to each invite. She is amazing, that’s all I can say.







The favor was a mixed CD with everyone in the bridal party’s favorite song, or first dance song (if they were married). We used the CD holders as place cards for guest to find their way to their table. It is not shown here, but each half moon envelope had the guest’s name and table name printed on the front.

Lastly the weather, the flowers and the gorgeous tent tied everything together, making this the most beautiful weddings I have ever been too!


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Chapel of Love, Chicago Champagne Toast, Did Someone Say Party, Friar Friar Pants on Fire, I’m Not Relly a Waitress. What could I possiblely be talking about?  COLORS!

These titles (including I’m Not Really a Waitress) are all OPI color names!


I have always wanted to be a “Color Namer Specialist.” I highly doubt that, that is the professional name, but who cares? You could call me anything if my daily job consisted of being surrounded by nameless color and providing them with their own identity! The fun I could have! 

Crayon’s current box of color consists of a few great names: Macaroni and Cheese, Inch Worm and Outer Space. Kids must get a kick out of that!

Back to OPI. I have always been intrigued by their nail polish titles, if anything they make me laugh! How fun would it be when asked:

“What color is your toenail polish”  to respond “I’m not really a waitress.” 

Oh – the looks you would get!

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When Sarah first got engaged to Whitney, I was really excited to design her wedding invitations. Her colors were brown and orange a combination I would work with anytime.

Her bridesmaids wore a great dress in chocolate brown from JCrew (I would provide the exact link to the dress, but they no longer carry it) and we carried the most beautiful, bouquet of flowers!

It was a very special (and BOILING hot) day! One of the most fun weddings I have ever been to!

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I have decided that because I love Fridays, cool people, photography and stationery, I am going to combine them all…fun huh? I thought so. My friend Ricci has TILT (Things I Love Thursday), so this is my take on her idea.

Here we go!

I love Fridays and I love Paperwink. I had the pleasure of working with this dynamic duo at Knock Knock a few years back. Fun loving Tara is on the left and sweet Darcey is on the right.

These california gals left Knock Knock with a dream (and a few ideas) and created Paperwink. They design bright, unique, and beautiful invitations, as well as custom stationery. I have learned a lot from these lovely ladies. They are (and continue) to be an inspiration to me!


Cheers to you Tara and Darcey!

Cheers to Paperwink!

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I created this invitation very early in my graphic design career. It was fun because Erin (the bride) and I got together at her house one day and assembled everything. I am pretty sure a few beers were involved! I printed each invitation on Star Dream Opal. Looking at this paper on the website does not provide justice for it’s beauty. You really need to see the real thing! We mounted the invites and reponse cards on Star Dream Mars Red. Gorgeous!


Erin’s color combination was classic: Black, red, silver, cream/white. Very elegant and formal. Considering that Erin is an event coordinator, everything was beautiful and perfect!


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When Lauren (my sister) and Andrew got engaged, of course I was psyched to do the invitations! It meant total creative freedom (designer’s dream) because my sister did not inherit the creative gene (sorry Lauren, you’re getting better). Lauren wanted a simple, informal save the date card. So I designed a simple, informal, fun save the date postcard.

TIP: Postcards save on postage and save your lips from being chapped with all that envelope licking.









Here’s another postcard STD for friends Kathryn and Dinari. Kathryn wanted the leaf to be the “theme” of the wedding. I stamped each postcard with a shimmery gold ink. The greatest part about it is if I made a small mistake or smudge, it made the cards look better! I still tried not to smudge (I am a bit of a perfectionist)

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I thought it was about time these two had their own custom stationery.

Seriously, how happy do they look? They both have the BEST sense of humor and whenever we get together I always walk away smiling!

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