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Whew. What a whirlwind of a holiday! It’s hard to believe that it is Friday (the last Friday of 2008) and Christmas is over! I still love Fridays and especially today because I didn’t have to work! Lazy Fridays are the best!

I love Fridays and I LOVE this awesome Martha Stewart craft! I kept myself busy, before the holidays, creating these fun little trees for place cards at my parent’s house on Christmas Day! 

christmastree1 table_christmas

They added that little extra “something” to the table! These little trees would be great for a holiday wedding! They are a little time consuming, but it is totally worth it! They turn out great, and are surprisingly durable! The post directly under this post can take you to Martha’s website for the how to! Try it out!

Cheers to the holidays being over and to the best 2009 ever!


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Christmas Tree Place Cards

Martha uses these cute little trees for decoration on a mantle, I am going to use them for the table at Christmas dinner! I am still making my little trees, however, I will post a photo of them as soon as they are done! Go here to see the “how to”.

Merry Christmas!


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Friday is here! Upstate New York is under a Winter Weather Advisory!

I love Fridays and I love my Mom! Her birthday was last month and I wanted to make her something special! I found this great accordian book at Michael’s by Martha Stewart (my Mom’s book is pale blue). I grabbed bunch of photos, stickers and paper and came up with this:

california_thanksgiving_2008-101 california_thanksgiving_2008-107

california_thanksgiving_2008-102 california_thanksgiving_2008-103 california_thanksgiving_2008-1041

california_thanksgiving_2008-105 california_thanksgiving_2008-106

Cheers to you Mom, I love you very much!

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Is the creativity gone?

Have I lost it? I am totally un motivated to really do anything super duper creative lately. I am even uninterested in all the blogs I stalk. I wonder what it is? Maybe it’s all the brain power that I have utilized to come up with Christmas presents for everyone! Wrapping presents has also sucked my creative juices from my body. I am the type that needs the present to look just as good as the gift!

Lately I have been working on our Save The Dates for the “big day”. I am stamping all the text! I caught my letter “i” stamp in Matty’s mouth yesterday – close call – we saved poor letter “i”. Thank goodness he can still stamp!

courtyard marriott

strathallan hotel

the_ delmonte1lodge

Can everyone guess the hotel options for our guests?

Happy Wednesday!

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Scratch and sniff

To bad you can not scratch your computer screen and smell this AMAZING candle. It smells exactly like a christmas tree! Check out Thymes they also have other great products!


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I am back

I hate jet lag. Going to the west coast messes up my internal (not biological) clock. Coming back to the East Coast screws it up even more. I think I am back on track.

Bill and I had an amazing time in sunny so cal! We were spoiled rotten by Mom and Kevin like you wouldn’t believe! We ate, drank, hungout, ate some more, bowled, ate, drank, relaxed, ate, Christmas shopped, ate, exercised (a little), went site seeing, ate and had fun. Did I mention that we ate? I am still full.

My Mom and Kevin threw Bill and I a lovely engagement party! The details were perfect and the company was excellent!

My Mom and I also took a trip to the the Los Angeles fabric district and we bought the fabric for my dress! I wish I could show everyone but I can’t. Bill has a tendancy to check the blog every once in a while. Hi Bill 🙂

I am trying to get back into my blog groove and it is a bit harder than I thought! Tomorrow will be a fun post filled with creativity and inspiration!

BTW – Paperwink is having a fabulous sale:


Check it out!

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