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I’ve moved!

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I’ll still check back from time to time – but this is my new home!


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Hmmmm cupcakes!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day (BTW, I hate that it is on a Saturday) here are some sweet treats from around the web!

Baked By Melissa makes yummy bite sized cupcakes (about the size of a quarter)! Yes, one is enough to not ruin your diet, but who could eat just one of these sweet treats with flavors like, tie dye, red velvet, peanut butter and jelly and s’mores?


Sprinkles Cupcakes is one of my all time favorite cupcakes! I love walking into their store in Beverly Hills and being overwhelmed by the warmth of the tiny cakes! My favorite flavor is vanilla with vanilla frosting and vanilla sprinkles!


I told Bill that this year for Valentine’s Day it would be best to skip the box of chocolates. I have been doing really well by eating healthy and exercising regularly. But, Bill surprised me last night with a dozen rose, a subscription to Martha Stewart’s LIVING, and a box of chocolates! Yum! I love him!

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Ahhh dating

Before I met Bill, I went on every date imaginable. I have been set up by friends, met people through work, at bars, eHarmony, match.com you name it, I’ve done it. I have faked an illness to escape a bad date and literally ran out on the guy. I once met a guy who owned a rabbit. Yup, a full grown man with a rabbit. Not to mention that he walked his rabbit daily. Weird? Not to him, but red flag for me! I once went out with a guy who didn’t speak English. That was interesting.

My favorite dating story is about a guy I met through eHarmony.com. eHarmony guides the two hopefuls through communications before you can just communicate through email. This guy and I were at the “email stage”. I sent him a a brief email, introducing myself, gave a little background, and waited for his response. Read on:

The short version of what I do is keeping your mailbox full of junk mail; the long version is that I am an operations mgr for one of our high volume color printers. My main focus is developing efficient programs for Xerox field reps providing product support, training and the streamlining workflows to get the most usage out of our for least cost to the customer and Xerox. It’s not greatest job, but it is interesting.

I say that not to brag, but as explanation of how 1950’s my life was growing up. The thought never enter my mind growing up what it would be like not to have both parents or siblings (well expect when my brother would take my toys a child I wished it was just me, but I don’t think that counts ;-> ). This is going to sound really strange to you, but I didn’t know anyone that had divorced or single parents until I was in the 9th grade. How weird is that?

It is something I’ve thought of more as an adult though, but not so much thoughts of what type of person I would be if my family life was different. My contemplation focuses on just how luck I’ve been when compared to just about everyone I know. I’m a rarity to have had the family support that I had as child and continue to have has an adult.

Let me give you some background about grandparents and siblings because it easier to answer your questions if I can put it into context. My parents dated in HS and as some kids do they had unprotected sex and my brother was conceived….. Oops. So I guess you could say it was a shotgun wedding. I’m not saying they would have gotten married; just that situation in hand expedited the process. In fact that still embarrasses my mother to this day. I was in HS when I figured it out, my Dad happened to mention he needs to get her flowers. I asked why and he said anniversary. I though about it later that day, figured out it was only 7 months between the anniversary and brother’s b-day! Not that it seems to have mattered because they’ll be celebrating their 41st wedding anniversary next year.

My brother and I are only 54 weeks apart (Irish twins as it’s called) so I’ve always had a play pal growing up. My father worked and mother was a stay at home mom. It was just the 4 of us for nine years then I had a sister. The big difference between having siblings or not is the competition especially for boys. Because around 9 or 10 peewee football, baseball and basketball starts and it is not so much about winning or losing because we tended to be on the same teams but who performs better. My parents never encouraged one over the other it was just how we had to be better than the other. So that type of interaction lasted until we were in college together, where we got to know each more as adults and finally became good friends.

My sister on the other hand, we have always been close. Though now that I think about she would be the better person to tell what it is like to have siblings but also has an only child perspective as well because of the age difference. You could say that she had the only child experience from 9 yrs old on because Craig and I were gone. Off to college and what not. So if ever have you over for Thanksgiving or Christmas she could give you an interesting perspective. ūüôā

Now my grandparents are an interesting tale because my fraternal and paternal grandparents are completely different, I mean like night and day different. My fraternal GP’s, in fact my dad’s side of the family as a whole, is the religious side and paternal GP’s are…….well the hillbillies side! My mother was welcomed into my father’s family with open arms while her parents despised my father and didn’t really want to be involved with us growing. More so with Craig and I then with Andrea (my sister) and I’ve no idea why because it was never talked about though if had to venture a guess it would have to do with the early pregnancy. Strange when I think about because my father gave my mother a life infinitely better than the one her parents would have chosen for her. Everything emotional, spiritually, and monetarily all better. So we really on see on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve for a grand total of 48 hours per year, sad really but it is what they chose.

The flip side is we grew up my father side of the family. He has 2 brothers and 2 sisters and in turn each had like five or more kids apiece so we had a Saurer family army. Six of the first eight kids born where boys (I being one them) so you can only image how times I’ve heard the phrase “Go outside and Play”, it was just an idyllic way to grow up. An because it was the religious side to family we went to church every Sunday, that type of up bringing just instills a value set of honesty and integrity that I made me the person I’m and frankly I’m extremely fortunately to have had it. The stories I could tell of growing up that are so funny, but that is a phone conversation because there better told than read!!

I wouldn’t be the person I’m without them and be clear, I love who I am. I am by no means perfect and there is room to improve, but don’t need to change who I am at my core because I’m a good and kind person. I’ve never thought how my life would have been without the family I have because they made me into the person I am.

Wow, I think I’ve just raised the rambling bar to new level!

WOW is right! Needless to say I replied with a polite email that I was not interested. He provided way to much information which was a total deal breaker for sure. For all those dating out there, I am convinced online dating is the way to go. You have to pick and choose the good, from the weird, rambling, and bad, but it’s worth it! In the end subscription after subscription, you will find someone. It happened to me!¬†Just wait and see. Happy Tuesday!

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For The Love of Liz

For all my regular readers, you know that I blog stalk Matt Logelin and his journey after the birth of his daughter and the death of his wife. Matt has taken his personal, life changing event and used it to benefit others.


The Liz Logelin Foundation was set up too offer support to other families in need resulting from the death of a spouse, life partner or parent. $7 on the 7th is a campaign created to help families in need:

By donating $7.00 to The Liz Logelin Foundation on the 7th of every month, you are helping provide financial assistance to families as they deal with the loss of their loved ones.

In light of the country’s current economic crisis, $7 on the 7th is an easy, affordable way to impact the families of widows and widowers in a positive way.

¬†So, this Valentine’s Day think about¬†skipping that box of chocolates, teddy bear, or card and donate to this great cause.

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It’s gonna be a good one

Holy moly! 2009? I can’t believe it – can you? It feels like I haven’t written in forever! Come to think of it – I haven’t! The first full week back to work was a long one. I was spoiled after having two, 4 day weekends in a row!

2009 is going to be a big year for everyone I am sure of that! A few months back my sister unveiled the spectacular news that her and her husband Andy are having their first baby! I am going to be an Aunt! Wahooo! The one small snag in the information: She is due on our original wedding date of 6/27/09! Weird huh? I mean, out of all the days of the year, what are the odds? I am not going to lie, it was hard to have to change the date. You have your heart, mind set on a specific date and somehow it becomes “yours”. But, it was not an option to not have my sister there – no way – no how. So, I contacted all my vendors, asked if they were available (they were) and we changed it. What is the new day you ask? August 8, 2009! I am excited all over again about the date! How can we not be excited? This little person will be there too!


A few weeks later I got a phone call from my dear friend Sarah (my sister’s husband’s sister). Sarah and her husband Whit are expecting their second child 8/1/2009! Sarah is excited she is pregnant (of course) but really sad that there is a chance she may not be able to make it to the wedding. Sarah and Whit live in Kansas City, MO so travel when you you are 9 months pregnant and have an 18 month old, is out!

A few days after the second exciting news, i get a call from my oldest friend Jen. I am explaining to her how everyone is pregnant and due in the summer, and she reviels that her and her husband Rob, are pregnant! They are due 7/21/09!  Babies are everywhere! When it rains it pours! So two of my best friends, and my sister are two within 2 weeks of one another! Unbelieveable!

Not to mention this is the year of new babies but weddings as well!

My 2009 Spring/Summer schedule reads as follows:

  • April 11 – My friend Erica’s bridal shower (NY)
  • April 25 – My bridal shower (NY)
  • April 26 – My sister’s baby shower (NY)¬†
  • May 3 – My 2nd bridal shower (NY)
  • June 5 – Friends Erica and Andrew get married (Colorado)
  • June 14 – Jen’s baby shower (NY)
  • July 6 – Lauren’s due date
  • July 21 – Jen’s due date
  • July 24 – Friends Christine and Rick get married (NY)
  • August 1 – Sarah’s due date and my bachlorette party
  • August 8 – Our wedding
  • Labor Day Weekend – Friends Darcey and JJ get married (Seattle)
  • Septemeber 26 – Cousin nick and Becky get married (NY)

It’s going to be great! I have so much to be thankful for in my life right now, at times, I can’t believe how lucky I am. I have the best, most patient man in the entire world, a supportive and loving family, and not to mention a great set of friends thaI cherish! 2009 is going to be a year filled with memories, excitement, change, love, life and new beginnings! I have to make sure that I remember it all and not to forget the camera!

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Is the creativity gone?

Have I lost it? I am totally un motivated to really do anything super duper creative lately. I am even uninterested in all the blogs I stalk. I wonder what it is? Maybe it’s all the brain power that I have utilized to come up with Christmas presents for everyone! Wrapping presents has also sucked my creative juices from my body. I am the type that needs the present to look just as good as the gift!

Lately I have been working on our Save The Dates for the “big day”. I am stamping all the text! I caught my letter “i” stamp in Matty’s mouth yesterday – close call – we saved poor letter “i”. Thank goodness he can still stamp!

courtyard marriott

strathallan hotel

the_ delmonte1lodge

Can everyone guess the hotel options for our guests?

Happy Wednesday!

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Scratch and sniff

To bad you can not scratch your computer screen and smell this AMAZING candle. It smells exactly like a christmas tree! Check out Thymes they also have other great products!


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