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A Winston-Salem Wedding

My new year’s resolution for my blog: to post more “real weddings”. I encourage my readers to submit photos of their memorable day! You don’t have to know someone personally to enjoy their wedding photos! It’s like talking a short little peek into someone’s life!

Meghan Claffey (now Cline) has been a childhood friend of my family since day one. Our father’s grew up together thus, raised their children together. The Claffey and Williams kids spent countless days on Conesus Lake! Those were the days!

Meghan and Matt were married 08/11/2007 in Winston-Salem, NC at Corpening Plaza.  By these photos you can tell the weather for the day was absolutely perfect (I did hear through the grapevine it was a little hot)!


Meghan looked stunning in her gown!


My favorite detail of the wedding is the bridesmaids dresses! I just love the color contrast of the different shades of pink and green! Meghan asked 5 of her girls to wear a pink dress, and five girls to wear a green dress. How great is that? There is nothing worse than being stuck with what a bride has picked out for you! But that’s what friends are for right?



How handsome are these guys?


The reception followed the ceremony and was held at Tanglewood Park.



Lastly, they ended the evening with sparklers (just like the old days on Conesus celebrating the 3rd of July)!



What a fantastic way to start your new life together!


* All photographs were taken by Ryan Bumgarner with Wedding Day – Photo.

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