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I am so happy today is Friday, but so sad for the passengers and the families from Flight 3407 that crashed into a home last night in Clarence, NY. It just goes to show that life is too short. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who is affected.

Lately I have been really crafty in the crappy weather! Below is my latest project: felt flower pins!


They are super easy, and fun to make. Each one takes about 10 minutes from start to finish! I will post the DIY next week! Then everyone can have colorful, fun pins in the dreary, drab winter!

Stay dry and warm!
Happy Friday!


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It’s friday, friday, friday! The weekend is here and no one else is! Bill is working, my parents are out of town as well as my two best girl friends. What am I suppose to do? I know for sure that I am going to get the save the dates done, that’s for sure!

I love fridays and I love Curly Girl Design! Please let me say that I have ALWAYS loved them, I was going through some old cards and found one that I received a few years back! It’s like a hidden treasure!

Leigh Standley (THE Curly Girl) is the creator of this awesome brand!  


Check out these fun cards!


I love that they have such an artistic, handmade feel to them! It would be cool to take a few of the cards and hang them in your personal workspace as inspiration (uh yeah – she has already though of that)! Shoppers can purchase wall canvases or matted prints of the designs! This site is so fun to get lost in!

Cheers to you Curly Girl Design!

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Whew. What a whirlwind of a holiday! It’s hard to believe that it is Friday (the last Friday of 2008) and Christmas is over! I still love Fridays and especially today because I didn’t have to work! Lazy Fridays are the best!

I love Fridays and I LOVE this awesome Martha Stewart craft! I kept myself busy, before the holidays, creating these fun little trees for place cards at my parent’s house on Christmas Day! 

christmastree1 table_christmas

They added that little extra “something” to the table! These little trees would be great for a holiday wedding! They are a little time consuming, but it is totally worth it! They turn out great, and are surprisingly durable! The post directly under this post can take you to Martha’s website for the how to! Try it out!

Cheers to the holidays being over and to the best 2009 ever!

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Friday is here! Upstate New York is under a Winter Weather Advisory!

I love Fridays and I love my Mom! Her birthday was last month and I wanted to make her something special! I found this great accordian book at Michael’s by Martha Stewart (my Mom’s book is pale blue). I grabbed bunch of photos, stickers and paper and came up with this:

california_thanksgiving_2008-101 california_thanksgiving_2008-107

california_thanksgiving_2008-102 california_thanksgiving_2008-103 california_thanksgiving_2008-1041

california_thanksgiving_2008-105 california_thanksgiving_2008-106

Cheers to you Mom, I love you very much!

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Friday is here! Yeah! Bill and I leave for Los Angeles in 2 days!!!! I am soooo excited (can you tell)?

I love Fridays and I love Paperwink!

Now, I realize I have already done a TGIF for Paperwink, but they have a new and improved website with scads of more goods! The best “new” item are the rubber stamps. These are my top four favs:

stamp_cinderella_big1 stat_stamp_antique_big1 stat_stamp_curly_big1 stat_stamp_fresh_big1

They are the perfect finishing touch for your stationery – not to mention a great gift! Newlyweds would LOVE getting this for all those thank you cards that have to be sent out!

My second favorite “new” item are the super cute colorful custom labels! My top four designs are:

stat_lbl_slant_big1  stat_lbl_sunburst_big11 

stat_lbl_victorian_big1 stat_lbl_airmail_big12

The colors and designs of the labels make me want to buy all of them and send everyone I know a letter!

Lastly (I could go on and on but I do have to get back to work) I love the Homespun Invitation!


The most amazing detail about this invite is the perforations that allow your guest to tear off the response card and directions! How cool and original is that?


I am hoping to visit the Paperwink studio when I am in sunny so cal next week! Darcey and Tara your work is truly unique and beautiful!

Cheers to you lovely ladies and cheer to Paperwink!

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Happy Halloween! I am not sure where the week went, it has been a busy one that’s for sure! Hence, only one post this week, sorry!

I love Fridays and I love (actually obsessed and a HUGE fan) of Elizabeth Anne Designs!

Created by two best friends, Rebekah Anne and Ami Elizabeth, their love for crafts, graphics, and vintage design makes this blog a daily must see! My favorite is they do pieces on “real weddings”. A bride to be will be ask to write about her planning experience and then when the big day is over, she reports back with a followup and pictures! Very inspirational! I contacted EAD about writing about my wedding and they thought it was a great idea (more to come later on that)!

Also check out their FANTASTIC EAD Library! I has anything and everything a bride would need to plan her big day! 

Cheers to you Elizabeth Anne Designs! Keep up the great work!

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I especially love this Friday because Bill has off today and tomorrow!

I love Fridays and I love coo koo ri koo! Check out these super cute birdies. It would be sweet to have them all lined up in a row somewhere in my house!




Also on the site are unique hairpins, cool rings and these awesome wrist warmers! Check out coo koo ri koo’s blog too: http://shanasays.typepad.com.

Cheers to you coo koo ri koo!

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