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I was chatting with my friend the other day who was getting her son’s Valentine’s Day mailbox ready for school! Remember the days in elementary school when you would decorate a shoebox with your name on it? On Valentine’s Day the class would go around and put Valentine’s in the boxes? I miss those days!

Here are some homemade Valentine’s Day cards by Your Wishcake on Esty! Sweet and simple!

il_430xn416391941 il_430xn542183041

Happy Thursday!


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That buttons could be so unique and cool NOT sewn on a sweater, jacket or pair of pants?

Letters4lilly creates custom button bouquets! Check out these colors! I think these are the perfect bouquet for a flower girl!

il_430xn474228321 il_430xn514821131

 il_430xn543593071 il_430xn517471081

BTW – Sorry I haven’t posted in a while – I was working on getting my save the dates out! Yes they are out! Pictures to come soon!

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At home studio

Bill and I are gearing up to start looking for a house! I get so excited because all I want my future house to have is a place for my own “in house” craft studio! I am sooo jealous of the lucky gals below:

Yvonne Eijkenduijn from Yvestown Blog:


Cassi Griffin of Bella Dia:


Sharilyn Wright of Lovely Design:



Images from HGTV:



Also, did anyone know that flickr has a whole photo sharing pool dedicated to craftrooms? Crazy I tell you! Enjoy!

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Made by Mavis


She is the featured seller on Etsy this week! I love the fact that Mavis takes ordinary vessels and puts something so organic into them – changing the original look completely!

The salt and pepper shakers are my favorite! They are super cute and make a great gift (or wedding favor)!


If you are planning a wedding without floral centerpieces, the moss terrarium candle holders would be an excellent focal point on each table! At the end of the night, the guests can take them home.


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Christmas Tree Place Cards

Martha uses these cute little trees for decoration on a mantle, I am going to use them for the table at Christmas dinner! I am still making my little trees, however, I will post a photo of them as soon as they are done! Go here to see the “how to”.

Merry Christmas!


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DIY luggage tags

I am ready to get the hell out of Rochester and head to sunny southern California! Why you ask?

#1 – I am ready for a vacation

#2 – This is the current Rochester weather:


I took this picture around 2 pm. The snow was falling exactly like it would in a snowglobe. Big, FAT, fluffy flakes. It was beautiful – but coooold!

As I am getting ready to head west I noticed that Bill and I need luggage tags (I am not even going to begin to tell the story of what happen at the airport last time)! I didn’t want to buy tags because they wouldn’t match our luggage, and are usually hideous. I came up with the idea of making my own.

I constructed a 2 sided business card layering some cool paper and using labels to print my name, address and phone number. I then headed over to Kinkos where they have luggage tag lamination sheets. All you have to do is put your handmade card in the sheet and run it through the laminator!


Each lamination sheet is $1.50 and the tie is $.50. You can’t go wrong with that! Hopefully my nifty tag will save my luggage in case it ever got lost (knock on wood)!

Happy Thursday!

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