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Check out:

First comes love…amorology! The best!

Have a great weekend!


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Happy Halloween! I am not sure where the week went, it has been a busy one that’s for sure! Hence, only one post this week, sorry!

I love Fridays and I love (actually obsessed and a HUGE fan) of Elizabeth Anne Designs!

Created by two best friends, Rebekah Anne and Ami Elizabeth, their love for crafts, graphics, and vintage design makes this blog a daily must see! My favorite is they do pieces on “real weddings”. A bride to be will be ask to write about her planning experience and then when the big day is over, she reports back with a followup and pictures! Very inspirational! I contacted EAD about writing about my wedding and they thought it was a great idea (more to come later on that)!

Also check out their FANTASTIC EAD Library! I has anything and everything a bride would need to plan her big day! 

Cheers to you Elizabeth Anne Designs! Keep up the great work!

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We’re off to D.C.

Hi everyone! ROAD TRIP! Bill and I are packing up the CR-V and heading south to the nation’s capitol! Can’t wait! We are even bringing crazy Matty along!

A few things I can’t wait to do (in this particular order):

  • See my Mom (she is flying into DC tonight)
  • See my sister and brother in law
  • Take a long walk down the cobblestone lined streets of Capitol Hill
  • Go to the Paper Source
  • Hit up Anthropologie ( I am in desperate need of a few of these)
  • Maybe visit Chipotle for a yummy burrito
  • Have fun with the fam!

I will write when I get back! No Thank God It’s Friday tomorrow!

See you next week!

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Save Our Date

I am so excited to show everyone the BEAUTIFUL portrait that my good friend Lynsey painted for our Save the Date cards!

The original painting is 14 x 18. I plan on snapping a few photos of it, bringing it into my computer and designing the save the dates around that! We are also going to use the image for gift tags for our out of town gift bags! I have about 12 pieces of Lynny’s artwork, and I am honored that she offered to do this for us! It makes this whole process that more special!

Thank you so much Lynny – you mean to the world to me!

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I especially love this Friday because Bill has off today and tomorrow!

I love Fridays and I love coo koo ri koo! Check out these super cute birdies. It would be sweet to have them all lined up in a row somewhere in my house!




Also on the site are unique hairpins, cool rings and these awesome wrist warmers! Check out coo koo ri koo’s blog too: http://shanasays.typepad.com.

Cheers to you coo koo ri koo!

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I was having a bad day a few days back and Bill surprised me with this:

(Martha’s magazines make me drool with happiness)!

And this:

(Ben and Jerry’s just makes me drool)!

Does Bill know a way to a woman’s heart? I think so!

The Fall 2008 issue of Weddings is fantastic! Each spread is so inspiring and I want to be a guest at each of the featured weddings!

The “New” Ben and Jerry’s flavor is heaven on a spoon! Try it. I demand you do so.

Happy Thursday everyone, Thank GOD it’s almost Friday! Yahooo!

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Remembering the music

Quick post.

Thank goodness for my trusty iPhone! There is an awesome application on the phone titled “notes”.

I have titled two pages in my notes: Wedding Music Dinner, Wedding Music Dancing. I am never without my phone, so whenever I hear a song that I think would be good for dinner or dancing music – I type it in and voila! I don’t have to mess around with scraps of paper. All the songs we want to hear are at my fingertips – literally!

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