If there was a Paper Source in Rochester (or even within a 100 mile radius) I would be at both of these spectacular events!


On February 21, 2009 Paper Source invites you for an afternoon of complimentary demos, make-and-takes and inspiration for your big day!

11:30 am – Announcing the Big Day
12:45 pm – Inspired Invitations
2:00 pm – Tasteful Tabletop Décor

On March 5, 2009 the wonderful PS invites you to the Exclusive Wedding Suite from 6:30 – 9:00 pm. Sip sparkling champagne and enjoy chocolate dipped strawberries while you create a full suite of wedding samples — including a select group of letterpress invitations, escort cards, favors and table accents.

These events are at all Paper Source store locations! Have fun! If anyone attends, please report back! I would love to hear about it!


That buttons could be so unique and cool NOT sewn on a sweater, jacket or pair of pants?

Letters4lilly creates custom button bouquets! Check out these colors! I think these are the perfect bouquet for a flower girl!

il_430xn474228321 il_430xn514821131

 il_430xn543593071 il_430xn517471081

BTW – Sorry I haven’t posted in a while – I was working on getting my save the dates out! Yes they are out! Pictures to come soon!

It’s friday, friday, friday! The weekend is here and no one else is! Bill is working, my parents are out of town as well as my two best girl friends. What am I suppose to do? I know for sure that I am going to get the save the dates done, that’s for sure!

I love fridays and I love Curly Girl Design! Please let me say that I have ALWAYS loved them, I was going through some old cards and found one that I received a few years back! It’s like a hidden treasure!

Leigh Standley (THE Curly Girl) is the creator of this awesome brand!  


Check out these fun cards!


I love that they have such an artistic, handmade feel to them! It would be cool to take a few of the cards and hang them in your personal workspace as inspiration (uh yeah – she has already though of that)! Shoppers can purchase wall canvases or matted prints of the designs! This site is so fun to get lost in!

Cheers to you Curly Girl Design!

At home studio

Bill and I are gearing up to start looking for a house! I get so excited because all I want my future house to have is a place for my own “in house” craft studio! I am sooo jealous of the lucky gals below:

Yvonne Eijkenduijn from Yvestown Blog:


Cassi Griffin of Bella Dia:


Sharilyn Wright of Lovely Design:



Images from HGTV:



Also, did anyone know that flickr has a whole photo sharing pool dedicated to craftrooms? Crazy I tell you! Enjoy!

Made by Mavis


She is the featured seller on Etsy this week! I love the fact that Mavis takes ordinary vessels and puts something so organic into them – changing the original look completely!

The salt and pepper shakers are my favorite! They are super cute and make a great gift (or wedding favor)!


If you are planning a wedding without floral centerpieces, the moss terrarium candle holders would be an excellent focal point on each table! At the end of the night, the guests can take them home.


My new year’s resolution for my blog: to post more “real weddings”. I encourage my readers to submit photos of their memorable day! You don’t have to know someone personally to enjoy their wedding photos! It’s like talking a short little peek into someone’s life!

Meghan Claffey (now Cline) has been a childhood friend of my family since day one. Our father’s grew up together thus, raised their children together. The Claffey and Williams kids spent countless days on Conesus Lake! Those were the days!

Meghan and Matt were married 08/11/2007 in Winston-Salem, NC at Corpening Plaza.  By these photos you can tell the weather for the day was absolutely perfect (I did hear through the grapevine it was a little hot)!


Meghan looked stunning in her gown!


My favorite detail of the wedding is the bridesmaids dresses! I just love the color contrast of the different shades of pink and green! Meghan asked 5 of her girls to wear a pink dress, and five girls to wear a green dress. How great is that? There is nothing worse than being stuck with what a bride has picked out for you! But that’s what friends are for right?



How handsome are these guys?


The reception followed the ceremony and was held at Tanglewood Park.



Lastly, they ended the evening with sparklers (just like the old days on Conesus celebrating the 3rd of July)!



What a fantastic way to start your new life together!


* All photographs were taken by Ryan Bumgarner with Wedding Day – Photo.

Holy moly! 2009? I can’t believe it – can you? It feels like I haven’t written in forever! Come to think of it – I haven’t! The first full week back to work was a long one. I was spoiled after having two, 4 day weekends in a row!

2009 is going to be a big year for everyone I am sure of that! A few months back my sister unveiled the spectacular news that her and her husband Andy are having their first baby! I am going to be an Aunt! Wahooo! The one small snag in the information: She is due on our original wedding date of 6/27/09! Weird huh? I mean, out of all the days of the year, what are the odds? I am not going to lie, it was hard to have to change the date. You have your heart, mind set on a specific date and somehow it becomes “yours”. But, it was not an option to not have my sister there – no way – no how. So, I contacted all my vendors, asked if they were available (they were) and we changed it. What is the new day you ask? August 8, 2009! I am excited all over again about the date! How can we not be excited? This little person will be there too!


A few weeks later I got a phone call from my dear friend Sarah (my sister’s husband’s sister). Sarah and her husband Whit are expecting their second child 8/1/2009! Sarah is excited she is pregnant (of course) but really sad that there is a chance she may not be able to make it to the wedding. Sarah and Whit live in Kansas City, MO so travel when you you are 9 months pregnant and have an 18 month old, is out!

A few days after the second exciting news, i get a call from my oldest friend Jen. I am explaining to her how everyone is pregnant and due in the summer, and she reviels that her and her husband Rob, are pregnant! They are due 7/21/09!  Babies are everywhere! When it rains it pours! So two of my best friends, and my sister are two within 2 weeks of one another! Unbelieveable!

Not to mention this is the year of new babies but weddings as well!

My 2009 Spring/Summer schedule reads as follows:

  • April 11 – My friend Erica’s bridal shower (NY)
  • April 25 – My bridal shower (NY)
  • April 26 – My sister’s baby shower (NY) 
  • May 3 – My 2nd bridal shower (NY)
  • June 5 – Friends Erica and Andrew get married (Colorado)
  • June 14 – Jen’s baby shower (NY)
  • July 6 – Lauren’s due date
  • July 21 – Jen’s due date
  • July 24 – Friends Christine and Rick get married (NY)
  • August 1 – Sarah’s due date and my bachlorette party
  • August 8 – Our wedding
  • Labor Day Weekend – Friends Darcey and JJ get married (Seattle)
  • Septemeber 26 – Cousin nick and Becky get married (NY)

It’s going to be great! I have so much to be thankful for in my life right now, at times, I can’t believe how lucky I am. I have the best, most patient man in the entire world, a supportive and loving family, and not to mention a great set of friends thaI cherish! 2009 is going to be a year filled with memories, excitement, change, love, life and new beginnings! I have to make sure that I remember it all and not to forget the camera!